My beloved 3 Sudacas!!!!!!! 

Thanks Alejandro! From Berklee College students 

Latimbop @ Monterey Jazz Fest 2014

As the MD, co-producer & co-arranger for the Berklee band that performed with the famous Spanish singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz @ Latin Grammys 2013

Did the co-arrangement for Alejandro Sanz's "La música no se toca" (2013) that was performed at the Latin Grammys 2013

As the bass player at the Alejandro Sanz Honorary Degree concert @ Berklee College of Music (2013) 

At the Birn, an arrangement I did for Lucho Bermudez's cumbia "Danza negra" 

At the "Tito Puente Latin Music Series 2013" with Maria Mulata and a Berklee band

Arrangement I did for the bambuco "El olor a guayaba" with Colombian singer Maria Mulata 

With Berklee Rhythm Collective in our trip to Colombia: Caili O'Doherty, Magnus Bakken & Patrick Simard LIVE 

As the bass player for the concert the famous Nicaraguan salsa singer-songwriter Luis Enrique did at the BPC (2012) 

A little bit of Maria Mulata's work 

Classico Latino performing "El duelo" by Graham Walker in joropo style 

A video from Colombian singer Andrés Cepeda